In presenting my self in professional activities and life

During the beginning of the 1970s when I was in high school, I was very deeply immersed in my studies inhistory and philosophy. At that time I was discovering the misrepresentations of the human spirit in the artsand sciences that the political hierarchy of Christiansand Romans had built into the roots of western culture. However, as we know this happened in several countries around the world, where educational hierarchies removed the presence of ontosophy from our consideration of reality. I would argue that there was real wisdom expressed by the philosophers and other wise men and women who affirmed the high civilization of the native indigenous people of Southern Italy. Those irrational biases limited ourawareness in the modern age (and obviously in all the ages since 2500 years ago) of the real meaning in some words and expressions that we have inherited fro our forefathers: “episteme” of the Earth-Life as well as “Being, Psyche, Eros, Therapy, Sophy, Universe, Science, Art, Good, etc…”

As most of those words were coined in ancient times, we can retrieve, if we wish, the value of the deep heritage of the logos-reality that is becoming lost tohumanity. I am able to demonstrate what I have saidhere with my own life experience (I was the only child of a suicide mother giving care to her at the risk of my own Life). I have been a clinician for the past 30 years, degreed in Psychology and Philosophy with psychotherapy training…. (I, with my team, have solved several hard clinical cases not only in the psychological field but also surprisingly in the somatic one, because we believe that all the diseases have a psychosomatic inherence). I was a co-founder of an eco-sustainable community living with hard resilience in an Eco-village named Solinio in Southern Italy… I told about these experiences in several conferences around the world and in foreign and Italian Universities. But standing the commodification of knowledge in the Academies, I chose to be a free thinker and a devoted scholar to the wisdom of biodiversity life in ecosystemic harmony! I am very happy to take part in this worldwide collaboration of human beings. Thank you for the occasion that you are offering to share my thoughts.
Francesco Palmirotta

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